A Quick Guide To Bordetella & Your Cat

28 June 2017
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Bordetella is a disease that affects the respiratory systems of cats, has very serious consequences and can spread rather quickly. Here is what you need to know about bordetella as a cat owner.

#1 It is Spread Through The Air

Bordetella is spread easily because it is transmitted through the air. When a cat that is infected with bordetella breathes around non-infected animals, the disease can be spread through the droplets in the air that the cat exhales. It can also be spread through the cats spits and howls, as well as their saliva. Basically, if the cat breathes or releases saliva anywhere, another cat can catch bordetella.

A cat doesn't have to have physical symptoms to infect another cat, it just has to carry the disease.

#2 Vaccination Is The Best Protection

The best way to protect your cat from catching bordetella is by getting the bordetella vaccination for your cat. It is a simple vaccination that only requires a single shot, and will be effective for your cat's entire lifespan. This is a great vaccination to get for your cat since it provides life-long protection.

This vaccination is especially important if you have an outside cat, board your cat or ever let other people bring their cats to your home. If your cat is an indoor only cat and how no interaction with other cats and you never board them when you go on vacation, it is less essential that your cat get this vaccination since Bordetella is spread from one cat to another.

#3 Know The Signs Of Bordetella

It is a good idea to know the signs of bordetella if you have a cat. This can help you identify if your cat has the disease or if another cat they are around has it. When a cat has bordetella, their energy levels generally significantly decrease and they should little interest in not only playing, but also eating and even drinking water. They may have a fever as well as lymph nodes that are swollen. Oftentimes, they will also get a constant sneeze as well as unpleasant discharge from not only their nose, but their mouth and eyes as well. Your cat will not act or look like themselves when they contract bordetella.

#4 Treatment For Bordetella

If your cat contracts bordetella, they need to be taken to the vet right away. Your vet will prescribe the appropriate antibiotics to help treat the disease and will most likely suggest that you quarantine your cat away from all other cats until your vet gives them a clean bill of health. 

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