How To Prep Your Home After Your Dog Has Surgery

13 November 2017
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If your dog needs surgery, it can be a scary time. This is your best buddy going in for surgery, and no matter what type of surgery it is, it's still a stressful and scary time. Your job as a pet parent is to take good care of your pup and nurse him back to health after surgery. This may mean that you need to make a few changes to your home to make your pup more comfortable and to ensure he recovers fully. See below for some tips to help you prepare your home for your pups homecoming:

Adjust Sleeping Arrangements

If your dog usually jumps into bed with you, you may need to change this until your dog is feeling better. If you have a dog crate at home, now is the time to get this out, get it cleaned up and additional bedding to it to make your pup more comfortable. Crating your dog may seem cruel, but it is to keep your dog safe throughout the night when you're asleep and cannot watch him.

Avoid Stairs

If your dog has a surgery such as a knee or hip surgery, or any other pet surgery that makes it difficult to climb up the stairs, you need to find a way to avoid the stairs. This means installing a ramp to make things easier for your pup or even holding your pup to get him up the stairs if you aren't able to install a ramp.

Restrict Movement

This may seem impossible especially if your pup is usually very active, but you need to keep your dog as calm as possible and restrict movement to nurse your pup back to health. This means no playing fetch, taking your dog out on a leash instead of allowing him to run free in the yard and no playing too much in the house. To help keep your dog active and not bored, use other types of play such as giving your dog a bone or a Kong with a treat inside that he has to get out.

Block Off Rooms

To keep your pet safe and within your eyesight, block off a room for your dog to stay inside so he cannot roam through the house and end up getting hurt elsewhere in your home. Close doors, or use baby gates to help you do this.

Your dog is going to need your help to get him back to his old self again. Prepare your home and take good care of your pup when he returns so he can get back to playing fetch and chasing squirrels again. Ask your veterinarian about other things you can do to help make your pups homecoming successful.