Dog Care Tips To Keep Your Pup Healthy

30 December 2017
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Dogs require care and attention, as well as health care in order to keep your furry pal healthy and happy. You can't simply feed your dog and give water and expect him to be a good dog. You need to give him love, attention and other care in order to raise a good dog that will be healthy for years to come. See below for some tips to help you care for your dog.

Provide Nourishment

Your dog needs proper food and plenty of water to keep him healthy and hydrated. If you don't feed him the proper food it can result in poor overall health, he could be overweight or underweight, and his skin and coat could suffer as well. Talk to your veterinarian about which food is right for your dog breed, as well as how much food you should be feeding him. Give him access to water throughout the day to keep his skin hydrated and organs healthy.

Give Exercise

Your dog needs plenty of exercise each day, so take him for walks or take him outside for some play time to keep his muscles healthy and to get rid of excess weight and prevent obesity. Exercise is good for your dog's mind as well and can prevent boredom or depression in your pup. Use indoor play time as well to help keep your pup fit and active. Things such as Kong toys or toys that you can hide treats inside can provide exercise and stimulation for your dog.

Groom Often

Grooming your dog is also important in caring for your dog. Give your dog a bath every now and again to prevent dirt and dander from building up on your dog's skin and fur, causing him to itch or even stink. Use a shampoo that is made for dogs and find one that fits your dogs needs such as oatmeal for dry skin or flea shampoo if your dog has fleas. Also be sure to clip your dog's nails (this can be done at home or at the veterinarian), clean his ears and keep his eyes free of gunk as well. Brushing your dog will help get rid of dead fur and dead skin cells, both of which can cause your dog to scratch.

Visit The Veterinarian

Be sure to take your dog to the veterinarian often for regular checkups, shots and teeth cleanings. Your veterinarian will give your dog a thorough examination to be sure he is healthy and can spot anything unusual before it becomes a problem such as growths, ear infections or other issues.

Your dog deserves a good life, and it's your job to give him just that. Take good care of your dog.